Graphics card price rising due to trade war


It is not only in Brazil that the hardware of a PC gamer is increasingly expensive. Now the United States will also pay a higher price for computer parts thanks to the trade war the country is waging with China.

It turns out that many products that were exempt from taxes were taxed again, which includes everything from motherboards to video cards. The New York Times explained the situation well:

“President Trump charged more than $ 360 billion worth of Chinese products in 2018, which prompted thousands of local companies to call for temporary tax relief.” This truce ended in 2021, which is already causing a price increase in parts to offset the tax return.

In the US there are already reports of price increases on cards like the ASUS RTX 3090, which jumped from 1,799 to $ 1979, but the trend is that all companies that have their parts coming from China will experience a price increase there as well.

This will certainly reflect the already exorbitant national prices, since many stores resell imported products. What do you think of these prices? Would you still have the courage to invest in a machine with these high values? Comment below!


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