Granny Goes Viral For Being ARMY And Attending A BTS Concert


A granny went viral outside the SoFi stadium in Los Angeles, when she showed herself to be ARMY and her excitement to see BTS in concert.

The massive success of BTS has not only broken cultural barriers in the global music industry, taking K-Pop to territories that we could never have imagined before, it has also blurred the distinctions in its fans and that is that there is no race, gender and much less age to be part of ARMY , this was demonstrated by the band in a recent presentation.

To close out 2021, BTS idols have ventured into a series of activities across the United States, which have been closely watched by the entire ARMY . From his participation in awards, television shows, to his return to the stage as part of the ‘ Permission To Dance On Stage ‘.

Despite the musical releases that made their fans happy during the period of the global COVID-19 pandemic and mandatory lockdown, one of the things the entire fandom looked forward to most was seeing the band again. on stage and these events have caused shock even in a tender granny .

The first presentation of the ‘ Permission To Dance On Stage ‘ arrived at the SoFi stadium in Los Angeles last Saturday, December 27, 2021 and the surprises were soon released. Among them, the entire ARMY was shocked when the BTS idols released a lot of swear words to show their euphoria.

Subsequently, they also won the audience’s ovation by inviting Megan Thee Stalliono to perform, for the first time live, the remix version of “Butter”, second single entirely in English. But that’s not all, recently a touching event has also gone viral.

’89-year-old ARMY’: Granny is touched by attending BTS concert as a fan

It is about a grandmother who was captured on the outskirts of the venue in the Californian city, waiting to be able to enter one of the concerts of the ‘ Permission To Dance On Stage ‘ to be able to enjoy the spectacular audiovisual display that BTS offers in each of its shows.

As if that were not enough, he carried with him a poster, hanging on his back, that said: ” ARMY, 89 years old “, which managed to melt the hearts of the entire community of fans who could witness that beautiful moment and also on social networks .

This grandmother , whose identity has not been revealed more, was not the only older adult in the public who went viral. An image of a man who had the BTS fanchant written on a sheet also began to spread.

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