Grand Theft Auto V: Player Completes The Game Without Taking Damage


Grand Theft Auto V: We have no doubt that there are still thousands of players who love Grand Theft Auto V, but who are so busy doing side missions or playing in GTA Online, that they haven’t even finished the main story of the game. Of course, on the other hand, there are players who are dedicated to doing this in a short time and taking as little damage as possible.

In the case of the player known as UnNameD on YouTube, the goal was to clear the title and take absolutely no damage, something he managed to do in just nine hours. To get a sense, most people take between 20 and 30 hours to complete the main missions in the story, so the difference is pretty incredible.

To be successful in his personal goal, the game fan had to be sure that he would not be shot, stabbed or punched, as well as being careful not to suffer damage from traffic accidents or falling from higher heights. He did this with the help of a mod that would kill his character if he got hurt in any way.

Of course, the adventure was not so easy, as it took 48 attempts to achieve this feat. In case you are curious to know how he avoided damage in such a chaotic game, you can check out the first part of the gameplay in the video above, the other two sections can be found on the same YouTube channel.

It is only worth mentioning that although he managed to do this first, UnNameD was not the only GTA V player who sought this achievement. Another fan known as DarkViperAU was also researching strategies for doing this for a long time, he just ended up not being able to do it before.

And you, do you think you would also be able to reset GTA V without getting hurt once or would you soon be distracted by the rest of what the game has to offer? Comment below!


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