Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Fan Finds Real-Life Graffiti Tag on Grove Street


Video games have had a huge impact on culture in general, and Grand Theft Auto has been at the forefront of this process since the release of its third game. GTA really conquered the world, starting with its first PS2 game, and for many fans they have not moved away from their favorite GTA games.

One of the most famous games in the series is GTA: San Andreas, in which the main character CJ is trying to fix his life after finally returning home to Los Santos. and one person brought his element to the real world, the Grove Street Family, plays an important role in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, and one person brought his element to the real world.

A GTA fan went to the site and on Reddit: San Andreas WadieXkiller went to the site to share an image of the real Grove Street tag that they found. Unfortunately, WadieXkiller did not say exactly where they found the tag, although it seems they were surprised to see it in person. The tag almost completely matches the tags that can be seen in the game, deciphering “GROVE -STR 4 LIFE”, as in the game. The only real problem that other fans have pointed out with the tag is that it was made with black paint, not green paint. Green is the signature color of the Grove Street Gang, it is not only used for labels, but is also the color worn by most members.

I still can’t believe I found the Groove Street tag from GTA

Anyone who has spent a lot of time playing GTA: San Andreas probably remembers the Grove Street tags in the game. where the text looks almost identical to this real version of the tag marked “Turf”, CJ can paint over the tags of enemy groups with the tags of the Grove Street Family, where the text looks almost identical to this real version of the tag. In the game, you need to configure 100 of them, so players striving for 100% completion in GTA: San Andreas will surely recognize this tag in real life. This will surely make most players think about how the Wadiexkiller did it when he found and photographed it.

Many people were unhappy with the handling of GTA: San Andreas in the recent GTA Definitive Edition, pointing out numerous flaws in both graphics and gameplay. Unfortunately, between the online protests and real links like this, it’s clear that fans still adore the game and the story it tells. “Rockstar Games”, but many are still unhappy with this experience. Fortunately, the original game is still available for those looking for a genuine original experience.

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas — The final edition is available for PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.


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