Grand Theft Auto III Moved to Nintendo Switch


Grand Theft Auto III, one of Rockstar Games’ iconic games, has been moved to Nintendo Switch. The unofficial project reveals that the game can be played on Nintendo Switch easily and without any major problems.

Rockstar Games, one of the well-established names of the video game industry, appeared in 2001 with the third game of Grand Theft Auto, one of the world’s most popular open world games. This game named “Grand Theft Auto III” is still a favorite of many gamers. And this game is now playable on the Nintendo Switch console. Although the project is unofficial, many gamers seem to give a chance to Grand Theft Auto III on Nintendo Switch.

The project, shared by a YouTube channel called “Eradicatinglove”, seems to meet expectations in terms of performance. Gamers can play the Nintendo Switch console at 1080p 60 fps in built-in mode and 720p 30 fps in handheld mode. Although there are minor problems during gameplay, this is not an issue for an informal project.

Grand Theft Auto III was a critical game for Rockstar Games as well as for gamers. Because the legend of Grand Theft Auto offered a three-dimensional experience for the first time with this game. Moreover, Grand Theft Auto III, which made a tremendous impact during its publication, managed to enchant the players with its gameplay and story. This iconic game can now be played unofficially on Nintendo Switch.

Now we will leave you alone with the video titled “grand theft auto 3 on the switch” released by the Eradicatinglove channel. The video explains what you need to do to play Grand Theft Auto III on Nintendo Switch. In addition, the files you need to download are in the description part of the video. If you are a Nintendo Switch owner and you decide to play the Grand Theft Auto III legend on this console, don’t forget to share your experience with us.

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