Grand Theft Auto Characters that may Appear in GTA 6


Grand Theft Auto 6 could be the biggest game in the series, and it could celebrate with the appearance of characters from other Grand Theft Auto games. The series has a variety of characters to choose from, and although many of them are dead by the end of their games, there are still a few available that may appear in GTA 6. GTA is not known for its continuity, but it can still return to the old characters. .

Grand Theft Auto has existed since the release of the first game in 1997 and has become one of the largest gaming franchises. Despite the fact that the series is no stranger to contradictions, it never slowed down, but became more popular with each new entry. GTA 5 was the largest release of the series, and it had several cameos of past characters – for example, Packy McCreary from GTA 4 returned to GTA Online Casino Heist. Since this strategy has been so successful, there’s no reason why Grand Theft Auto 6 can’t try to do the same, especially if it returns to a familiar place like Vice City.

GTA has seen many colorful main characters, antagonists and minor characters over the years, and many of them have the potential for another appearance. Whether they’re promoting their old stories or creating something new, their strong personalities can take their storylines to the next level. Some characters are perfect for returning to Grand Theft Auto 6.

Madd Dogg’s career from San Andreas can continue in GTA 6

Madd Dogg is a rapper who played the main role in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, despite the relatively limited time on the screen. At the beginning of the game, the status-seeking OG Lock orders CJ to steal Madd Dogg’s lyrics and kill his manager. While this allows Locke to rise, it also ruins Madd Dogg’s career. At the end of the game, long after CJ was betrayed in GTA: An unexpected twist of the San Andreas game, he saves Madd Dogg’s life to atone for his past sins, becomes the manager of the fallen rapper and confronts OG Loc. After CJ defeats Lock, Madd Dogg can revive his career.

Although the action takes place in the 3D universe, and not in the HD universe presented in Grand Theft Auto 4, it is quite possible that Rockstar will be able to bring back the Lock. By the time GTA 6 is released, it will be a long time since Madd Dogg last appeared. He can still do music or do other things. Like his original voice actor Ice-T, he could have started an acting career. Whatever he does, Madd Dogg’s career is probably still going on, given how popular he was in the San Andreas universe. The player may face any of his next ventures, and due to the chaos in the GTA universe, he will probably need their help. Being a pretty nice and reasonable character, which is rare considering there are a lot of characters in GTA that shouldn’t come back, he’s someone the main character probably won’t need to prompt to help. By helping him, the player is likely to receive a good reward, for example, a large sum of money or even a new property.

Madd Dogg was quite nice, which is rare for GTA characters, especially considering his celebrity status. However, his role is important, and his story leaves him a chance to come back again. Considering what a nice guy he is, a fun chain of missions from him would probably be a good time in GTA 6.

GTA 4’s Marnie Allen Can Finally Get Her Happy Ending in GTA 6

Marnie Allen from Grand Theft Auto 4 is one of the most tragic random characters in the series. She became addicted to drugs, and somehow Niko helped her get back on her feet. By the end of the game, she returns to her family and applies to college. For a series so dark that even the Rockstar co-founder says GTA 6 should be less harsh, it was a surprisingly happy ending. However, she returns to GTA 5, saying that she got into the cult of the Epsilon program and abandoned her ambitions. This was a rather unpleasant discovery for those who helped her in the previous game.

In GTA 6, Marnie may return with a new storyline in which the Epsilonists act as antagonists. Perhaps she is trying to escape from the cult after learning that their leader Chris Formage is a conman, but needs protection from his loyal followers and mercenaries. The protagonist of GTA 6 could be the perfect bodyguard, repelling threats from Epsilonists who are becoming more and more desperate. In addition, another mission line related to the Epsilon Program will mean that their slippery leader Chris Formage may receive another, even greater defeat than the one that Michael inflicted on him in GTA 5.

Like the unnecessary torture scene in GTA 5, the destruction of Marnie’s happy ending seems like an unfair darkness. Getting Marnie back on track for her more optimistic future would be helpful, especially for GTA 4 players. It would also make Marnie a rare character if she had a storyline in three GTA parts.