Grand Theft Auto 6 really should allow players to advance in the criminal world


Currently, gamers are experiencing the longest wait between Grand Theft Auto games. The last new GTA core game to be released in 2013 was Grand Theft Auto 5, and while it has been praised for the stunning detail and limitless freedom it gives players during their adventures in Los Santos, many feel the game has dragged on too long. life expectancy, and that it’s time for a successor. Fortunately, Rockstar doesn’t plan to milk GTA 5 forever, and she confirmed that the next GTA game, which will presumably be called Grand Theft Auto 6, is in development.

At the moment, almost nothing is known about the game, although this has not stopped rumors and speculation about Grand Theft Auto 6. Gamers have expressed their hopes for the upcoming game, including the wishes of the female protagonist, a smarter police system and the return of favorite characters such as Franklin. However, perhaps the best feature that the game can add is the opportunity to truly rise through the ranks in the underworld and become the top dog of the city.

Progress in past Grand Theft Auto Games

Although the GTA series is mostly known for its open-world freedom that allows players to create their own entertainment, the games also have plots that make surprisingly poignant comments about modern society as well as the human condition. Through the plots, gamers are provided with a basis for development and understanding of how they are going to rise from dirt to princes. While in all the stories from past Grand Theft Auto games, the main characters worked their way through crimes, there were very few opportunities to truly climb the ranks in the underworld, and the few examples that actually exist are quite outdated.

In Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, players take control of Carl Johnson, who returns to his hometown and tries to rebuild the “Grove Street Families”, a local gang that has fallen out of favor. Dealing with enemy gangs and corrupt police, players gradually increase the strength of their gang by marking the lawn with graffiti and participating in gang fights for territory. While the rise of gang power is great, gang warfare often seems disconnected from the rest of the underworld, and there’s no point in CJ ever really becoming the king of the city.

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City was released in 2002, and it takes place in a city inspired by Miami of the 80s, as well as related crime films, including Miami Police, The Godfather and Scarface. Vice City returns to GTA: Vice City Stories, released in 2006, and this time, instead of Tommy Versetti, gamers play for Vic. The game features empire building, in which Vic can participate by running businesses that serve as a cover for illegal activities. Imitating GTA: San Andreas and its gangster showdowns, rivals in GTA: Vice City Stories can attack Vic’s property, and if they are not protected, they will be captured. While this is impressive, its improvement over the gangland showdowns in GTA: San Andreas is minimal, and it seems that Rockstar can still go much further with it.

Perhaps the best way to get the feeling of conquering the underworld in GTA is to play GTA: Online. Thanks to the “Leaders and Other Criminals” update, players can manage their own criminal organization and even have bodyguards to protect them. With GTA 6, Rockstar should learn a lot from GTA: Online, as well as from other games with a progress system, and add a criminal twist.

How GTA 6 can allow players to conquer the underworld

With GTA 6, Rockstar finally has the opportunity to allow players to truly conquer the underworld, and with the technology of the current generation of games, they can be more realistic than ever and quench their thirst for building a criminal empire better than before. Rockstar Games should learn from its past GTA games and implement features such as capturing and defending territory, seizing power from other gangs, and doing legitimate business as a cover for illegal transactions. However, we should not stop there.

Rockstar should also allow players to build an empire in the next GTA game. The fun of engaging in territory-grabbing shootouts shouldn’t end for gamers; they should also be able to micromanage their empire’s finances, decide which areas of crime to specialize in, and how to protect their criminal dynasty. Gamers also have to decide how to deal with rivals and the police. While violence may be the obvious answer, perhaps bribing the police might be a less messy solution, or simply absorbing rival gangs into their own. Thanks to such functions, the process of building an empire will feel not so much as a scenario event, but as an organic process of climbing into the criminal world.