Grand Casino Tycoon Has Little Fun And Escapes The Premise Of Its Name


Grand Casino Tycoon: Las Vegas can be considered the cradle of civilization when we consider the world of gambling, casinos, entertainment and the rich. Who has never wanted to go to the Nevada region to have fun or go crazy there?

This desire grows even more for Brazilians, who are not used to slot machines, betting tables and that card game worth a good deal of money.

I’m not talking about that 10 reais a round trick. I’m talking about something completely legal.

Developed by Stillalive Studios, which became well-known with the Bus Simulator franchise, Grand Casino Tycoon hit the market so that the company could break into a genre that was not so intimate.

In addition, a style driven by new ideas, which not even the most experienced in the tycoon business decided to consider. But did the idea of ​​building a casino in the digital world work?

Show me the money!

Grand Casino Tycoon presents you two ways to play, a sandbox and another one, which looks like a mission mode. In the first, the player explores the world of casinos at random, starting from scratch and with lots of money. In it, everything will be unlocked.

In mission mode, more robust and with a background, you need to meet different expectations, such as the budget of the place, the well-being of customers and fulfilling objectives to pass the stage and have the right to explore new casinos.

You are hired by a millionaire to manage your gambling venture. The beginning of the adventure works as a good learning experience, where the main game mechanics will be presented.

Practically the entire adventure serves as a tutorial for the sandbox mode, as the first missions put you face to face with the possibilities to grow the enterprise. The player always starts with a lot of money, which facilitates the development of the casino.


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