Gran Turismo Sport: dates and records

The FIA ​​Certified Gran Turismo Sport Championship reveals its schedule for the 2021 season. Online registration now available.

Gran Turismo Sport will once again host the FIA ​​certified championship in 2021. Due to the global health situation, the team led by Kazunori Yamauchi has made changes to the format with which to “continue to grow” the event within an “online scenario. ”.

Dates of the FIA ​​Certified Gran Turismo Sport Championship

From now until April 20 you can register your participation in the championship. Remember that to do this you must go to Sport mode within the game and fill out the digital request. Once you have chosen your model, you will be ready to start engines on April 21.

As you can see in the image under this paragraph, the season will be divided into several stages. The exhibition series, now available, continues until the start date of Season 1. As of April 21, players will compete for the throne in two stages: the national cup (in search of the best from each country ) and the manufacturer’s series. The best will be part of the World Series Showdown, the prelude to Season 2. On the other hand, the participants of the World Finals 2020 will be able to compete in 2 previous rounds as a “shortcut” to reach the World Finals 2021.

The competition calendar will be extended until December 5, 2021, when the last event of the final will take place. Remember that to play Gran Turismo Sport online you must be registered for the PlayStation Plus subscription, whether you are playing on PS4 or PS5. Yes, the game is compatible with the new generation of the company.

As for the news around the franchise, last February we learned the delay to 2022 of the seventh installment. From Sony they wielded reasons related to COVID-19. Know all the statements here.



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