Gran Turismo 7 will not “compromise” on graphic details


Kazunori Yamauchi, head of Polyphony Digital, says he wants to offer the best to everyone while finishing the new installment for PS5.

Gran Turismo 7 is scheduled to launch sometime in 2021 on a specific date yet to be announced and that is why its creators are making the most of the last months of development to “offer the best to everyone” and “make no concessions in detail ”on PS5, according to its chief executive officer and director of Polyphony Digital, Kazunori Yamauchi, in a recent interview with the VGC medium.

No concessions in its graphic section

Thus, and on the occasion of the final of the FIA ​​Gran Turismo Championships 2020, the head of the Gran Turismo saga, Kazunori Yamauchi, has shared his impressions of the work done by his creative team in the final stage of development of Gran Turismo 7, ensuring that “there will be no concessions to detail”, talking about the graphic requirement of the title in relation to the hardware of PlayStation 5.

“We always look for the best in Polyphony Digital. We will not make concessions to anything. We want to offer the best to everyone. And this is not just my way of thinking, but the mentality of the approximately 200 employees of our company ”, says Yamauchi himself.

“It is said in Japan that ‘the divinity resides in the details’ and it is true. How much attention you pay to the little details, how to perfect them, polish them and apply all that incredible amount of attention to this, is our style of production, ”continues the Japanese manager. And it is that months ago, it was already pointed out that Gran Turismo 7 would take advantage of the technical benefits of PS5, from the 3D sound and graphics at 4K and 60 FPS to the haptic technology of the control to transfer the feeling of driving to the control in the most realistic possible.

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Recently, Gran Turismo 7 pointed to a launch during the first half of 2021, although there is no more information about it; that yes, unlike some shared releases between PS4 and PS5, GT 7 will be exclusive only to the new generation.


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