Gran Turismo 7 Will Feature More Than 60 Official Manufacturers; New Details


Gran Turismo 7: Polyphony Digital shares in numbers what we can expect from some of the GT mode features in Gran Turismo 7, coming soon to PS5 and PS4. Gran Turismo 7 has shared new details around the GT mode. The new Polyphony Digital title, which will be released on March 4, 2022 on PS5 and PS4, will once again have a dealership where more than 60 authentic manufacturers will meet. The information appears in a free promotional book distributed in some physical stores in Japan.

Dealer in Gran Turismo 7

At the dealership you can purchase more than 300 vehicles published from 2011 onwards; the rest, on the other hand, will appear in the second-hand sellers, who will be updated “every day”. We can expect older models to be sold, including historic Japanese chassis from the 1980s and 1990s. We know that Gran Turismo 7 will feature “over 420 car models of the highest quality ever.” You will not have precisely problems storing them: the garage will have up to 1000 spaces available. Among the newly confirmed cars we can see two Ferrari models: the F8 and the F12.


Regarding GT Auto, the team pointed out that “it will include the largest number of available parts ever seen in the series.” That promise is now proven in numbers: more than 130 wheels and 600 aerodynamic parts will be available. Tuning is in addition to the usual functions such as changing the oil, washing the car, choosing paint, and the vinyl editor.

One of the elements that stand out from the information is about what they call “mission challenges”. Gran Turismo 7 will incorporate “unique events different from ordinary competition”. They talk about 400-meter sprint battles, drifts, top-speed challenges and “Music Rally” in which we will “race to the music”. We must wait for further details to know exactly how the latter will work.