Gran Turismo 7 Will Come On Two Discs On PS4; A Single Disc On PS5


Gran Turismo 7: The same thing happens with other intergenerational games like Horizon Forbidden West, which came on two discs in the previous generation. Driving will once again be the protagonist thanks to Gran Turismo 7, the long-awaited new video game directed by Kazunori Yamauchi. Although originally announced as exclusive to PlayStation 5, the title will also be released on the previous generation of consoles. According to a record of PlayStation Direct, the physical version of PlayStation 4 will be distributed on two Blu-Ray discs, while users of the new machine will only have to insert a single disc.

It is not strange considering that the maximum capacity of the PS4 Blu-Ray is 50 GB. In the new generation, more focused on high resolutions and with textures that usually reach 4K, a format with more capacity is needed. The Ultra Blu-Ray have 100 GB, a space that has been shown to be insufficient for certain games, which are expanded through content updates.

Polyphony Digital’s game isn’t the only cross-generational title to be distributed over two discs on PS4. In fact, it was recently discovered that the physical edition of Horizon Forbidden West will also come in this format, as was previously the case with The Last of Us Part 2 (and this one was only for this console). Be that as it may, Gran Turismo 7 will continue to receive content once it is released, since it will receive new vehicles and circuits.

How many cars and locations are there in GT 7?

Not that it will be short of content when the production hits stores. In total we can drive 420 cars in more than 34 locations, both real and original. According to official information we will be able to drive on more than 90 tracks, if we count the variants of the locations.

Gran Turismo 7 will go on sale next March 4 on both PS4 and PS5. Sony has also announced a collaboration with Polyphony Digital for a project related to artificial intelligence, of which nothing has been detailed yet.