Gran Turismo 7 Vs. Sport: See Changes In The Graphic Comparison!


The release of Gran Turismo 7 has generated all sorts of content, building on the excitement of fans of the series with a new title. As always, players have been praising the game’s graphics, but this time we have an almost direct comparison to see how much the game has really evolved in relation to Gran Turismo Sport.

Of course, GT 7 has new textures and overhauled animation effects, as well as running on better hardware that guarantees improved performance. But one of the highlights for the new game is in its light effects, combining ray tracing with other technologies to deliver more realistic and dynamic visuals in replays and car show modes.

The video was made by the well-known ElAnalistaDeBits, who doesn’t have his own opinions to add to the description, but ends up showing his preference in the situations he chooses to capture to compare the two games.

The comparison was posted on the well-known Resetera forum. Many users highly praise the changes, while others are unimpressed. Those who liked the evolution speak especially well about the lighting and even the animations of the flags. Those who didn’t like it don’t say that the game is bad, they just complain that they expected to see a more drastic improvement between the two games.

Gran Turismo Sport launched in 2017 for PS4, while Gran Turismo 7 arrived today, March 4th, for PS4 and PS5. The captures for the comparison appear to have been made on the PS5.