Gran Turismo 7: New Trailers For The Porsche Vision GT And Deep Forest Raceway


Gran Turismo 7: New Gran Turismo 7 gameplays are coming to PS5: one with the cover car, the Porsche Vision GT, and another with the return of the legendary Deep Forest Raceway. The delays are already in the rearview mirror and the launch of Gran Turismo 7 is closer than it seems (the game will be released on March 4), so its creator, Poyphony Digital, has stopped trembling when it comes to show new material. Today, the company has done it twice, with two new trailers that allow us to take a first look at one of its new vehicles, the Porsche Vision GT, and at the return of one of the most emblematic circuits of the city. saga, Deep Forest Raceway.

We start with the video of the latter, because it is a gameplay (captured on PS5, although the title will be released on PS4) that will give joy to more than one. Deep Forest Raceway is one of the fan-favorite tracks and had been present in absolutely every installment in the series except the latest, Gran Turismo Sport. Its appearance in GT 7 is great news.

New car designed by Porsche

As for the Porsche Vision Gran Turismo, it is a fully electric sports car developed by Porsche itself under the Vision Gran Turismo program. For those who do not know the latter, it is a project that began on the 15th anniversary of the saga (back in 2013) and that proposes to the main automobile brands in the world to develop their own vision of what a grand tourer should be. Since then we have had a lot of examples that have ended up appearing in games later (the most recent, the Jaguar Vision GT SV, from 2020, and the Lamborghini Lambo V12 Vision GT, from 2019), but this Porsche Vision GT will be the first. Vision GT that has the privilege of being on the cover of one of the franchise installments.