Gran Turismo 7 Increases Loan Repayments Again After Negative Fan Reaction


In an update for Gran Turismo 7, producer Kazunori Yamauchi apologized for the recent problems associated with the motorsport simulator and promised to solve them by rebalancing the entire economy of the game.

To compensate for the difficult launch of the game, including the long downtime that made it almost impossible to play Gran Turismo 7 for more than one day, players will be given 1 million in-game credits, provided that they enter the game before April 25. demand them.

Regarding the future of Gran Turismo 7, Yamauchi explained that the upcoming patch, scheduled for April, will restore the reward system with more balance throughout the game to benefit all players. Other settings include:

The increase in awards in events in the second half of World Circuits is on average about 100%.
Added high rewards for completing Circuit Experience in all gold/all bronze results.
Increase rewards in online races.
Include eight new one-hour endurance races in the missions. They will also have higher reward settings.
Increasing the upper limit of unpaid credits in players’ wallets from 20 million credits to 100 million credits.
An increase in the number of used and legendary cars offered at any given time.
In addition, major changes will include more events, increased payouts of time-limited rewards, the addition of endurance races and online time trial races. More importantly, Polyphony Digital is working on creating a marketplace that will allow players to sell their cars again, as it was in Gran Turismo Sport.

Gran Turismo 7 players previously spent time completing individual races to earn credits that could be used to buy some of the best and incredibly expensive cars in the game, but race payouts have been significantly reduced due to a recent problematic patch. .

Yamauchi explained in the update that the reason the cars cost so much was because they could reflect the value of their real-world counterparts, which drew criticism from fans. Disappointment over the current state of Gran Turismo 7 was expressed on GameSpot’s sister site Metacritic, where the game was bombarded with reviews.

Some players still managed to find a workaround due to the reduced payout, as they used the AFK lending scenario to earn some in-game money.