Gran Turismo 7 Gets New Trailer At Willow Springs Track


Gran Turismo 7: With just a few days to go before Gran Turismo 7 is released for PS5 and PS4, Sony has released a new trailer for the game showing off the classic Willow Springs Raceway track, Big Willow. The focus of the video is to compare the experience between running there in the game and in the real world. Check out:

To help with the comparison between the virtual and the real, Japanese professional racer Dai Yoshihara and British content creator and streamer Steve Brown (Super GT) were invited to participate in the video, racing a Tesla.

Although both give their own tips on how to approach the circuit, one of the things that stands out the most is precisely the way in which both the real driver and the player share several impressions in common, including what is heard or not during turns. , in addition to the best angles to attack the curves.

This only strengthens the impression on how the development team at Polyphony Digital is committed to making a “True Motorsport Simulator”, as the series’ tagline says, and we can’t wait to see how the other tracks present in the game will turn out!

Our full review of Gran Turismo 7 will go live on March 2nd, so stay tuned here on the site to hear all about the game firsthand! Are you excited about the release? Tell us in the comments below!