Gran Turismo 7: Discover The Best Moments Of The 24-Hour Event With Great Guests


Gran Turismo 7: PlayStation Spain shares an exciting video with the best of the Gran Turismo 7 presentation event from the Jarama circuit. The ambitious 24-hour event for the presentation of Gran Turismo 7 organized by PlayStation Spain on March 3 was a complete organizational success, both due to the incomparable setting of the Jarama circuit in Madrid and the presence of great personalities related to both the engine and with video games, as well as influencers and other guest stars. So much so, that names like Josep Pedrerol, Antonio Lobato, Cristina Gutiérrez, DJ Mariio or Lucas Ordoñez came together to welcome the new installment of such a celebrated virtual driving saga, in addition to the presence of DJ Nano to liven up the party, as well as being a great car fan.

The best moments of the 24 hours of GT7 event

Thus, and to celebrate the launch of Gran Turismo 7 in style, PlayStation Spain completed a great event of no more and no less than 24 hours from the Jarama circuit on March 3, a real motor festival in which We were able to learn much more about the new Polyphony Digital title and enjoy the game with a lot of guests and personalities related to the world of motoring, video games and content creation. To do this, the event had exceptional guests, including the creator of the saga Kazunori Yamauchi through a video, who did not miss the opportunity to thank the Spanish driver Lucas Ordoñez for his involvement with the franchise.

In addition, the event also hosted an exciting virtual race in a 24-hour format in which Dux Gaming, Fordzilla, Falcons and Topes de Gama Racing Team participated, with the final victory of the Dux Gaming team. On the other hand, journalists such as Josep Pedrerol or Antonio Lobato conducted several interviews with exceptional guests, both in person from the set of the event and via videoconference, with names such as Red Bull driver Cristina Gutiérrez, former Formula 1 and now youtuber from the motor world Dani Clos, some of the participants of the Gran Turismo 7 Challenge such as the influencers DJ Mariio or ByViruzz or the specialized car painter Manu Campa, who showed some of his spectacular four-wheeled works of art.

There was no shortage of the most witty moments with other celebrities such as Josie and her fun gameplay session with Gran Turismo 7 or the most emotional ones with the surprise for Lucas Ordóñez from the hand of his family reviewing his career, with a dedication to the Gran Turismo saga that It has led him to be a professional pilot. Although the real cars and the speed were not lost on the 24-hour event of Gran Turismo 7 with several cars on the track driven by some of the guests or the presence of some of the most iconic classic vehicles of the Gran Turismo saga.