Gran Turismo 7: Director Apologizes for Long Server Downtime


Gran Turismo 7 was a highly praised game at launch, but it is experiencing a lot of controversy with server issues and balance changes that push microtransactions forcibly onto players. This week, the game was down for more than 24 hours!

As we pointed out in our review, one of the main negative aspects of the product was precisely that it required a constant internet connection to be able to enjoy all the game modes, which seems overly exaggerated. And there was no other: with the problems on the servers of the developer Polyphony Digital, everyone was deprived of playing for more than a day!

A new 354.5 MB patch had to be released to bring the servers and games back online, and series creator and director Kazunori Yamauchi made a statement on the topic, claiming that “immediately prior to the release of patch 1.07, we We discovered an issue that prevented the game from launching properly on the PS5 and PS4 versions.”

“This rare issue didn’t show up during our pre-launch development tests, but in order to prioritize the security of player saves, we’ve blocked the release of patch 1.07 and made a fix in 1.08. That’s why it took so long, and I sincerely apologize for reporting so late.”

As for the controversial microtransactions, Yamauchi explained that “I would like players to experience different cars and races without microtransactions, but at the same time, the price of cars is an important element to convey value and rarity, so I want to connect them to the real world. In time, we’ll let you know about plans for future additional content, events, and features that will address this.”