Gran Turismo 7: All menu books (how to fill them)


Instead of just forcing players to race until they drop, Gran Turismo 7’s single-player campaign instead breaks down its challenges into smaller tasks called menu books. The menu books are distributed by Luka in the Gran Turismo cafe and are divided into three main types: “Collection”, “Tournament” and “Miscellaneous”. Gran Turismo 7 has a total of 39 such menu books, which will take most players about 20 hours or so to complete.

Book collection menus are by far the most common and tend to take up the most time. Players will need to get three of these cars by taking the first three places in the respective races or, alternatively, buying them with credits. The tournament menu books also require getting into the top three, although this time points are calculated for several races, not just one. On the other hand, various menu books are usually associated with secondary tasks and, with one exception, can usually be completed in just a few minutes.

Updated by Tom Bowen on September 1, 2022: With a user rating of just 2.0 after over 10,000 Metacritic ratings, it’s fair to say that the initial reception of Gran Turismo 7 was pretty poor. This was largely due to the aggressive monetization of the game and the developer’s decision to reduce loan repayments in the post-release patch; a move that only further angered the already depressed fans. However, in the following months, Polyphony Digital seems to have changed the situation, not only canceling previously weakened loan repayments, but also increasing bets for some other races and events of the game. This, in turn, helped make the overall experience a lot less rough. Now that the way forward looks a little less bumpy, the team has been able to focus on adding new content to the game.

Updates 1.15 and 1.17 added three bonus menu books each, as well as several new cars and many other quality of life changes. In July 2022, players received update 1.19, which added four new Gran Turismo 7 menu books, as well as three additional cars, dozens of conversations in cafes and many exciting new events in which players can take part. The recent 1.20 update adds two new menu books and four new cars, as well as several additional layouts for the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya race track.


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