Grammarly Will Also Be Available in Microsoft Word on Mac Devices


Grammarly, previously only available in Microsoft Word on the Windows desktop, can now be used on Mac devices and Word Online. In addition, Microsoft announced the new AI-assisted writing assistant.

Grammarly, the online English spelling checker and sentence correction program, has only worked in Microsoft Word on the Windows desktop to date. With the statement from Grammarly, it was announced that the program can be used in Microsoft Word and Word Online on Mac devices.

In the statement made by Grammarly, it was emphasized that you can use the application easily after downloading and installing Grammarly for Microsoft Word on your Mac device. To use Grammarly in your documents for Correctness, Clarity, Delivery and Engagement, you need to click on all of them. To select only certain features, just click on that feature. After these processes, the notifications of the controls will appear on the side of your document.

New post assistant from Microsoft:
On the other hand, Microsoft also announced a new AI assistant text assistant called ‘Microsoft Editor’. The new Microsoft Editor is thought to compete with Grammarly. It is stated that the new Microsoft Editor will offer support in more than 20 languages, and its use as a browser plugin will help you from writing e-mails on the internet to sharing a story.

In the free version of Microsoft Editor, basic features such as Word, and online spelling / grammar check will be available, but further grammar and style corrections can be made with Microsoft 365 Personal and Family membership. These features include enriching features such as intelligibility, formal language, and word suggestions.

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Microsoft Editor, just like Grammarly’s Chrome plugin, can be downloaded from this store and added to Chrome. You can download it from the link here. After downloading the Grammarly plugin, you will be automatically directed to the account opening page. If you are not redirected, you can click the Grammarly add-on icon on the top right of Chrome and click the ‘Sign up’ button on the page that opens.

Signing up is simple. First you need to enter your e-mail address. You will then be asked to set your password. Finally, when you enter your name, the membership process will be completed.


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