Graham McTavish Could Always Return To The Series


Titled Clanlands, the new book shows the couple traversing the country, tasting delicacies and discovering more about Scottish history. McTavish talks about whether he will ever return to Outlander again.

Graham McTavish, the MacKenzie clan’s warchief on Outlander, was known for his tumultuous relationships with Jamie Fraser and Claire Randall in the early seasons of Outlander.

However, Graham McTavish met his untimely end on the Culloden battlefield in the second series. But this heartbreaking outing didn’t stop the star from returning to drama in Outlander season five.

As fans will recall, Graham McTavish returned as William ‘Buck’ MacKenzie, who was Dougal’s illegitimate son. While it seemed like the role was a cameo, some have wondered if he might be back in Outlander again.

“I loved Outlander. It has given me a wonderful group of friends and allowed me to fall in love with Scotland all over again.” I always make room for a MacKenzie to travel back in time. ”

Adding fuel to the fire, his co-author and co-star Heughan also addressed the possibility of Graham McTavish. This will be exciting news for Outlander fans as while it’s not a definite yes, it certainly leaves the door open.

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