Grace from Elden Ring looks like Human Sprites


The sinister golden glow of the Places of Grace in the Elden Ring is strangely similar to the Spirits of Humanity, enemies from Dark Souls. In the true spirit of Soulsborne, little is known about each entity from any game other than their roles as recovery locations and enemy fighters respectively — although each of them also has item forms that can also be used. At first glance, however, the glowing presence above the Places of Grace in the Elden Ring has a distinct tapering glow that faintly resembles the sprites of humanity in Dark Souls. The similarity between the two may be simple, such as a reusable design feature, or it may have a deeper meaning in the world of both games.

Many of the Elden Ring’s enemies and animations have been ported over from the unused resources of previous Soulsborne games, and Sites of Grace may be no different. Data scientists have discovered that Elden Ring solved the riddle of Dark Souls 3 by using previously unused resources for a Flawed Tree Spirit that may have been an abandoned opponent in Dark Souls 3. Although Elden Ring certainly looks like a separate game and is different from Dark Souls 3. The Souls series, these reusable resources and animations, in addition to many thematic and mechanical similarities, combine Elden Ring and Dark Souls games in spirit.

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In the Elden Ring, the Places of Grace contain fragments of fallen Grace from the Erd Tree, which drew its power from the Ancient Ring before its destruction. According to the legends of the Elden Ring, the presence of the Mercy of the Erdtri unites the Tarnished with the Higher Will, strengthening and restoring them in the process. These locations serve the same purpose as the bonfires in Dark Souls, which work against the Curse of the undead in the game. However, the Mercy of the Elden Ring differs from the Curse of the Undead Dark Souls in that its Places of Grace serve to restore and level up, and not to prevent the devastation of players’ bodies.

Elden Ring’s Grace Sites May Be The Forerunners of Dark Souls’ Human Sprites

If, however, the Places of Grace in the Elden Ring are in any way related to the human sprites from Dark Souls, this would represent an interesting turn of events in the Midlands. If, for example, Elden Ring was a prequel to the Dark Souls games, then the transformation of Mercy Erdtry into a dark and evil enemy fighter would serve as a serious turn in the plots of the games. How and why these events happened will be another of the many unsolved mysteries of the Elden Ring.

Most of the biggest mysteries of Elden Ring remain unsolved and are likely to remain so until the developer FromSoftware reveals its plans to release substantial DLC, or its players discover even more hidden secrets in the game. And, of course, there is little evidence pointing to a connection with Dark Souls beyond the broader themes present in both games, but these thematic and even artistic connections (such as the wax-coated eyes of the Guardians of Fire in Dark Souls 3 and the Maiden in Black from Demon’s Souls) continue to be irresistible. Elden Ring continues to be a mystery, and more and more of its intricate knowledge is revealed to players months after its release. Although the Places of Grace are in any way connected with the human sprites of Dark Souls, it is unlikely, but the fact that such an assumption seems appropriate is evidence of interesting artistic connections in the work of FromSoftware.