Grace and Frankie: Part 2 of Season 7 Gets Premiere Date; Look


Grace and Frankie: One of Netflix’s most famous and iconic series is coming to an end. Grace and Frankie is in its 7th and final season, and the streaming service has already released the release date for its latest episodes.

The season, which was divided into two parts, already had its first four episodes aired in August of last year, and its next 12 episodes will arrive on the platform next month, on April 29.

Grace and Frankie is an American TV comedy series that tells the story of two women who are forced to live together when their husbands decide to divorce because they are in love with each other. Over the seasons, the two develop a deep emotional connection, joining forces to get over their divorces, get back on their feet and live a new life. Oscar-winning actress Jane Fonda (Bitter Revenant) brings Grace to life, while Frankie is played by Lily Tomlin (Two Lives).

The series premiered in 2015 and has been a huge success since then, becoming the longest-running Netflix original series to date, with a total of 94 episodes, including the release of the last episodes of season 7.

The production received critical acclaim, with five Primetime Emmy Award nominations, including Outstanding Lead Actress in a Comedy Series for Tomlin and Fonda.

The cast includes names like Samuel Waterston (The Great Gatsby), Martin Sheen (The Amazing Spider-Man), Lindsey Kraft (Why Women Kill), among others. All of them will be missed by legions of fans, and their achievements will forever be etched in the history of TV and streaming.