Government signs MP to release 2021 Emergency Aid


President Jair Bolsonaro signed on Thursday (18) the provisional measure with rules for the new distribution of emergency aid. This time, four installments will be paid, ranging from $ 150 to $ 375 for 45.6 million families. The beneficiaries should start receiving the amount in April.

The total cost of the measure is expected to be $ 43 billion, including operating costs. Of the total amount, $ 23.4 billion will go to 28.6 million beneficiaries not enrolled in the Single Registry, but already enrolled in Caixa’s digital platforms. Approximately R $ 6.5 billion should be sent to members of the Single Registry and R $ 12.7 billion to 10.7 million beneficiaries of Bolsa Família.

How will it work

Only families with a total income of up to three minimum wages per month will receive the benefit, equivalent to R $ 3,300 reais. The amount of R $ 375 will be paid for women who lead the family, R $ 150 for people who live alone and R $ 250 for families with more than one person who are not headed by women. In addition, the aid will only be paid to people who have received it in the past year and only a family member over 18 can receive it. Teenage underage mothers may also have the benefit.

People who participate in the Bolsa Família program will continue to receive the benefit, with the same rule as last time. If the portion of the emergency aid is higher than the amount paid by Bolsa Família, you will get the aid. Otherwise, with Bolsa Família.

Persons with a formal contract or who have other government benefits – except Bolsa Família -, such as retirement or INSS, will not be able to receive assistance.

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