Government says vermifuge fights covid-19


This Monday (19), the federal government announced the conclusion of a study that proved the effectiveness of the antiparasitic nitazoxanide in combating covid-19, in its early stage. The drug, branded Annita, would have contributed to the reduction of viral load in patients treated with the substance.

With the participation of 1,500 volunteers, the clinical study began after research in other countries showed satisfactory results from the use of nitazoxanide against Sars-CoV-2, in the laboratory. In national tests, which took place in several hospitals, three doses were administered daily, over five days, to patients with initial symptoms.

According to the professor at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro Patrícia Rocco, leader of the trial, the use of the vermifuge contributes to prevent more severe covid-19 symptoms, in addition to making patients infected with the coronavirus less contagious.

However, the researcher did not reveal the complete data of the study, failing to present important information, such as the percentage of effectiveness. According to Rocco, the information will remain confidential until it is reviewed and published in an international scientific journal.

Minister volunteered for the study

Diagnosed with covid-19 in July, Minister of Science, Technology and Innovations Marcos Pontes said he was one of the participants in the clinical trial and said he believed that the research will revolutionize the treatment of the infected. “We are announcing something that will change the history of the pandemic,” he commented.

He also stressed that the use of the dewormer will only be recommended for cases already diagnosed, making it possible to avoid worsening the disease, discarding its use as a preventive method.

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It is worth remembering that the same studies that showed good results in the use of antiparasitic drugs also revealed that a large dose is necessary to have effects against the new coronavirus, putting the patient at risk. Thus, the medicine was eventually discarded by foreign researchers.


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