Government intends to approve emergency aid in 3 weeks


The Federal Government wants to approve the payment of the new phase of emergency aid within three weeks. Last Friday (12), Senate President Rodrigo Pacheco (DEM-MG) said he would present a proposal for the text to the college of leaders, which should be approved by the National Congress by the beginning of March. With the approval, the first installment of the new aid is expected to be paid in the next month.

According to information released by Broadcast / Estadão, after reaching a consensus with the presidents of the Chamber, the Senate and the ministers, the Minister of Economy, Paulo Guedes, stipulated this deadline for the approval of what he calls the “new fiscal framework”.

The landmark, according to Guedes, would consist of the inclusion of a public calamity clause in the Constitutional Amendment Proposal (PEC) of the federal pact, a kind of PEC for the War Budget, similar to the one approved last year at the beginning of the pandemic.


The measure allows the removal of emergency aid expenses from tax rules, such as the expenditure ceiling, for example. On the other hand, it will create constraints, such as automatic cost containment measures. The inclusion of the public calamity clause in the federative pact is seen by Guedes’ economic team as a necessary support for the payment of the new aid. According to the government’s assessment, the initiative will make it possible to mitigate the impacts of the pandemic without “blowing up” the public budget.

In addition to the installment scheduled for March, two more installments are already being planned for April and May – and possibly another in June, depending on the situation of the pandemic. The installments are expected to be $ 250, with a total cost of $ 30 billion to the government. Last year, aid began to be paid in installments of $ 600, then reduced to $ 300.


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