Gotham Knights will improve the battle of Batman Arkham


We haven’t seen much of Gotham Knights beyond brief gameplay sessions since the new Batman-inspired game was revealed in August 2020, but now we’ve finally received some more information and details on what to expect from the adventure!

In partnership with DC Comics, developer WB Games Montreal is trying to create a story independent of the lore of the successful Arkham franchise, with a story of its own that can be followed even by those who do not follow the hero’s films and comics.

In an interview with Gamesradar, Patrick Redding, the game’s creative director, said that “this is a universe in which many of the team have been invested since they learned to read. The biggest test of all was when we started working with DC, we talked about our ideas for the characters and their stories, and they encouraged us to stick to our unique interpretations. ”

According to executive producer Fluer Marty, “Arkham’s combat system has been completely overhauled, so that it could work very well in cooperative gameplay as well. With that, some elements may seem unusual to fans of the old and the gameplay in many ways , It’s different.”

The idea is that progress among all the playable heroes is shared even if you choose to play alone, but of course most of the fun is in playing online cooperatively with up to two players

The game does not yet have an exact release date set, but it should arrive in 2021 for PC, Xbox Series X | S, PlayStation 5 and PS4. How are your expectations going for him? Tell us in the comments below!


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