Gotham Knights must show that Alfred is the best player of the bat family


The upcoming Gotham Knights game from WB Games Montréal should consider Alfred Pennyworth as the emotional core of the bat family, as he is in his best interpretations. In many Batman stories, the faithful butler of the bat family becomes a minor character. However, some of the best Dark Knight stories have made Alfred the emotional core of the story being told. Alfred is not a superhero, but he plays a more important role than any other member of the bat family, including Batgirl, Nightwing, Robin and Red Hood, except Batman himself.

Alfred Pennyworth was originally conceived as a comedic backdrop for Batman and Robin in 1943, being something of a prankster character. However, the Dynamic Duo butler was later popularized in the 1943 Batman TV series. It was in this show that he developed his most enduring traits. This led to key changes in the portrayal of Alfred in the comics, where he eventually turned into Bruce Wayne’s surrogate father after the death of his parents. Since then, various comics have been added to Alfred’s backstory, revealing an adventurous past with the British secret services before he became a loyal butler of the Wayne family.

Since Gotham Knights is set to explore what Gotham is like after Batman’s death, it makes sense for Alfred to be more involved in the story. Alfred Pennyworth acts as an emotional backdrop for Batman and the buddies that the caped crusader has gathered around him. Superheroes from the bat family may not have superpowers, but they can have their own skills and technologies. When Alfred stitches up their wounds or brings them tea, it humanizes the bat family, showing that they can’t do everything on their own. Moreover, Alfred’s iconic sense of humor serves to compensate for the darker aspects of Batman’s stories and characters. Often, Alfred also serves as a remote pilot of bat-powered vehicles or a bat family dispatcher. While Alfred’s work is more behind the scenes, he acts as the backbone and emotional core of the band and was always there when things went bad.

The Story of Gotham Knights — Why Alfred May Be His Secret Weapon

Alfred would also be perfect for the role of the leader of the bat family in Gotham Knights because of his parental relationship with each character who helped raise Dick Grayson and Tim Drake. Although Robin was originally created to act as a Dr. Watson figure for Sherlock Batman, Alfred fits the role much better. This is because, unlike Robin, Alfred is able to criticize Batman and the rest of the bat family from a mature point of view. Alfred has the advantage of educating every member of the bat family, so his word carries more weight when he gives them advice or when he criticizes them. In recent comic book storylines, such as Batman: Dark Knights Metal 2017, it was even assumed that without Alfred, Batman would have lost his way as a crime fighter.

Without Batman to guide them against the Court of Owls in Gotham Knights, the Bat family would have to rely even more on Alfred for guidance and support. Even if Alfred doesn’t pilot the Batwing and doesn’t help with weapons like in the movies, Alfred still has an important role to play. The Knights of Gotham need to be shown how their core cast would have been lost if Alfred Pennyworth hadn’t stitched up their wounds and given them tea and advice.


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