Gotham Knights must follow the path of Arkham


Gotham Knights is going to take the place of the Batman Arkham series, giving fans a different version of Gotham City without Batman’s watchful eye. Instead, the game allows players to control Batman’s four assistants and members of the bat family, Nightwing, Batgirl, Red Hood and Robin. With over 400 years of history of this version of Gotham Knights and the sinister Court of Owls created as the main group of villains, there is a lot of potential for expansion. The game can use the Arkham series approach by releasing multiple titles as well as DLC to give fans something they are looking forward to.

The Arkham series is one of the most popular superhero video games ever created, offering fans a variety of missions, allowing them to explore the Batman universe and giving them the opportunity to play many of the most famous characters from comics. Arkham’s approach to introducing new villains, storylines, and playable characters will work great for Gotham Knights dedicated to team gameplay. Given the possibility that the game will turn into its own series, Gotham Knights needs to pay attention to the Arkham series, how it achieved such longevity in several games and how it contributed to exploring the world through DLC and side quests.

New Characters in Gotham Knights

While the Arkham series focused solely on playing as Batman, the DLC featured additional playable characters allowing players to play as some of Batman’s allies. This gave the series a greater sense of immersion, as many game characters had their own missions and skills, which gave players a different style of play, while improving the knowledge of the franchise. Since Gotham Knights uses a team approach, DLC can introduce other members of the bat family, such as Batwoman and Damian Wayne, which will give players more options.

The bat family has far more members than just four that fans will be able to manage in Gotham Knights, which leaves room for growth. It is possible that if Batman does not appear in the game, Nightwing will take on the role of the Dark Knight, which will allow other characters to join the battle in future parts. From old fan-favorite characters like Azrael and Huntress to new members of the bat family like Gotham Girl and Batwing, the list of characters the game can introduce as playable characters is long, and each of them brings something different to the game.

Potential Villain Groups for Gotham Knights

One of the things that ensured the success of the Arkham series was the number of famous villains who made themselves known in the game, whether as the main villain or through side quests and challenges. It is expected that with the disappearance of Batman, many villains will come out of the shadows and try to capture Gotham City in Gotham Knights, which will give the game the opportunity to turn into a long-standing series. In order for future games to attract gamers and maintain their interest, Gotham Knights will need to introduce various groups of villains who are popular with fans, as well as some lesser-known ones who could prove themselves.

In its current form, Gotham Knights will present the Court of Owls as the main group of villains that the Bat Family will try to destroy. However, many other groups of villains may appear in the game in future installments, creating interesting storylines between these villains and members of the bat family. Groups like the League of Shadows, the Jokers, and even the Legion of Doom may try to take over Gotham City now that Batman has disappeared from view and force the knights to defend their city, while others like Slade Wilson may expand individual stories. because of the history they share with members of the bat family.

New Storylines in Gotham Knights

The Arkham series has accompanied many storylines in several games, including Batman’s death, however, little is known about how Batman died in Gotham Knights, and fans will need to wait for the game’s release to fully understand the circumstances behind it. There have been several iterations of Batman’s death in the Batman canon, many of which have led to major events threatening the very existence of the DC universe. Gotham Knights may introduce some of these storylines in future games, allowing for more character expansion beyond the Batman universe and giving players the opportunity to experience some of the greatest storylines in DC comics history.

One of the most popular Batman comics is Dark Nights: Metal, in which various evil versions of Batman enter the DC universe and threaten to destroy the current universe. This storyline will work great, as it will show how members of the bat family fight against different versions of their mentor, and may lead to a tie to the Justice League.


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