Gotham Knights is an original story of the Batman universe


Warner Bros Montreal confirms that Gotham Knights is not part of the universe of Rocksteady’s Batman: Arkam trilogy. It is an original story.

Gotham Knights will not be connected to Rocksteady’s Batman: Arkham trilogy. Warner Bros Montreal confirms that their new work for the current and next generation is “an original story based on the DC universe of Batman.”

As the study describes in statements to Comicbook, Gotham Knights will begin a new storyline under an unpublished premise. Quite the opposite of the other great video game from the DC factory. Rocksteady recently revealed that Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League will take the continuation of some of the stories seen in the trilogy of his property. Two sides of the coin.

Four vigilantes in Gotham

After many clues and rumors, the Canadian company showed the public what it had in hand. As part of the DC Fandome celebration, in Gotham Knights we will face the dreaded Court of Owls, a secret society of which little information is known about its incidence in the game’s Gotham. There will be other villains that will revolve around him, like Mr. Freeze.

As his official description narrates, Batman is dead. For this reason, in the game we can control the entire Batman family: Batgirl, Nightwing, Red Hood and Robin are the protagonists of a Gotham that requires new vigilantes. Although part of the campus could be controlled during the Arkham Knight downloadable content, being able to do it in the open environment will offer another way to experience the playable formula that is known to all of us.

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Gotham Knights will have an open world with the NPC

Although it can be played as a traditional singleplayer title, Gotham Knights allows 2-player online co-op. It will have RPG elements that make an impact in combat. During its first gameplay we can see several enemies divided according to their power level. We can extract that each hero will have their own progression. It will arrive in 2021 as an intergenerational title: PS5, Xbox Series X, PS4, Xbox One and PC.


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