Gotham Knights Has a Strange Cosmetic Hurdle To Solve


From what has already been published in Gotham Knights, it becomes clear that the creation and selection of costume styles will be one of the main directions of the game. Many costumes and their interchangeable transmogrification characteristics or various cosmetic iterations were depicted. This is great for players in general who want to decorate their Nightwing, Robin, Batgirl, and Red Hood with different skins, and it has a big impact on the collaborative online game Gotham Knights, as players can distinguish their characters from other players’ characters. .

Thanks to the transmogrification feature, players will be able to assign suit characteristics to the appearance of another suit if they are dissatisfied with its current appearance. These skins are also featured in cinematic cutscenes, but it looks like there may be one significant discrepancy in cosmetics that Gotham Knights has not yet eliminated. Many cosmetics radically change the appearance of the main characters of Gotham Knights, but it is unclear whether their more distinctive features will pass into the usual clothes of the characters when they are in the bell tower during the day.

Cosmetics at Gotham Knights presents new hairstyles

Gotham Knights costume styles boast an incredibly eclectic catalog inspired by a variety of source materials, as well as the originality of the design. But although the costumes themselves are dramatically different from each other, many of them also change the hairstyle of the character when he puts on this particular costume.

For example, Robin and Nightwing have different clean-shaven hairstyles in the style of a Neon Noir costume, and Batgirl and Nightwing have long hairstyles with a ponytail in the style of a Shinobi costume. The appearance of the Nightwing Year One costume has medium-length shaggy hair, but it has also been found that there are different variations of each costume style that change one or two components of its base model, as seen in the 28 Gotham Knights skins. .

To some, the hairstyle changes may seem insignificant, but they provide fantastic personalization and customization that fans can touch more than just a change of clothes. Hairstyles are a long—awaited change, and only a few of these characters are able to see such a dramatic aesthetic change. It seems that the only character that this aesthetic exchange has not affected in any way is the Red Hood of Jason Todd, whose cosmetics completely cover his head in a helmet. This may be for the best, as there is a possibility that the choice of costume style may not be fully represented throughout the game.

Cosmetic hairstyles cannot be presented on the bell tower

Indeed, all the shots from the Gotham Knights bell tower show each knight with the hairstyles they have by default. It is implied that costume-style hairstyles will not be presented between the Gotham Knights open-world scenes of Gotham City and Belfry.

This will undoubtedly create some inconsistencies in continuity and disrupt any immersion that players with their chosen costume styles in Gotham Knights wanted. Some fans may not even consider it detrimental to their overall experience of the game, but because of how often it seems that players visit the bell tower, it will surely visually annoy others.

Of course, it wasn’t technically confirmed that these hairstyles wouldn’t be featured in the Gotham Knights Bell tower, since all the bell tower footage shown could have been presented with default character skins. However, this is extremely unlikely and means that players should not worry if their Dick Grayson suddenly appears on the bell tower with a medium-length bang, although a few seconds before he had an amazing tail, and vice versa, when players leave the bell tower.

Gotham Knights is scheduled for release on October 21, 2022 for PC, PS5 and Xbox Series X/S.


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