Gotham Knights Gets Official Trailer for Red Hood Character


Launched and ready for release at the end of October, Gotham Knights is gradually attracting the attention of WB Games Montreal. One of the main attractions of the pre-release advertising campaign of the game, of course, were its characters, which demonstrate the unique abilities of each of the four game characters and approaches to the main cycle of gameplay.

Since the three characters had already received their own trailers, it was only a matter of time before Gotham Knights’ Red Hood would get its own exclusive gameplay demo, and the game’s official channel had just released one of them. This particular version of the Red Hood, armed with a less-than-lethal pistol and some powerful magical abilities, may be one of the most powerful versions of the character.

While WB Games Montreal has already demonstrated a lot of Arkham Knights gameplay, the behavior features of each character in the current gameplay are still mostly unknown. Each of the four previously shown videos with the characters gave a little more information about how they behave, and, in particular, the trailer for “Red Hood” is dedicated to Gun Kata. While Batgirl, Robin, and Nightwing destroy their enemies by forcing them to submit, Red Hood knocks them down instead.

As with the three previous character demos, this new trailer makes good use of custom Gotham Knights hero costumes, giving players a clear idea of what kind of armor the Red Hood will be able to wear in the game. This iteration of Jason Todd, from tactical combat vests to demonic-looking body armor, will be fully customizable depending on which image of the Red Hood players hope to embody.

The trailer also points out some of Red Hood’s magical abilities, such as his aerial jump. After being reborn with the Lazarus Pit, Red Hood can use his newfound ability to cast spells both in and out of battle. Compared to the Batgirl game cycle in Gotham Knights, where gadgets allow her to quickly move around the city and manipulate opponents in battle, the Red Hood relies on her innate magic to perform similar feats.

It remains to be seen how this particular version of Red Hood struggles with coming back to life, but Gotham Knights’ attitude to Nightwing and Batgirl’s relationship shows that the game won’t shy away from character drama. In this regard, it should be expected that his own trauma will also materialize in some form, shape or form.

The release of Gotham Knights is scheduled for October 25 for PC, PS5 and Xbox Series X/S.


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