Gotham Knights BTS TV Show Image Shows Batman Preparing For Death


A behind-the-scenes image from the Gotham Knights TV show shows Bruce Wayne actor David Alexander Miller in his deadly Batman makeup. As in previous years, the CW is again expanding the DC TV lineup. Despite the fact that several shows were canceled this year, including “Batwoman” and “Legends of Tomorrow,” the CW will launch the series “Knights of Gotham” in the middle of the 2023 season. Created by the writers and producers of “Batwoman” Chad Fiveash, James Stotero and Natalie Abrams, the series “Knights of Gotham” will not be connected. to the upcoming video game of the same name and is not considered a by-product of the Arrowverse.

Gotham Knights will focus on Turner Hayes (Oscar Morgan), the adopted son of Bruce Wayne, as well as several children of Batman villains. After the Caped Crusader is killed, the younger generation is blamed for Bruce’s death. As a result, the first season of Gotham Knights will follow Turner and others who are trying to clear their names. However, throughout this journey, they will become the next generation of defenders of Gotham City. As Batman’s murder became the starting point for the series, the Gotham Knights trailer revealed that Harvey Dent (Misha Collins) discovers Batman’s body and informs his son of his secret identity.

Bruce Wayne actor Miller shared a behind-the-scenes look at his Batman role on Instagram. The footage shows that the actor’s face is smeared with blood. The character’s famous Batcool is shown in the foreground, damaged like his injuries and death scene in the Gotham Knights trailer.

Miller will become the second actor to play Batman in The CW series, after Warren Christie appeared in The Batwoman series as the official version of Bruce from the Arrow universe. While the real Bruce was missing, Christie played Thomas Elliot/Hasha with the face of a billionaire before he was stopped by Ryan Wilder. In the Gotham Knights trailer, Bruce Miller is briefly shown in a portrait before his corpse was found by Harvey Dent, but this new behind-the-scenes look is so far the best look at the actor in the image that viewers have received. .

Despite the fact that Batman is dead in the Gotham Knights universe, this clearly won’t stop Bruce Miller from appearing in flashbacks. One of the key aspects of Gotham Knights that will need to be explored is Bruce’s relationship with Turner before his death. Since Turner is an original character who was adopted by the Dark Knight, it will be important to develop their bond as father and son, despite the death of the hero. Whether in the first season of Gotham Knights or later, the real Batman killer is likely to be revealed. However, it is not yet known how the DC series will use Miller as Batman from Gotham Knights after this death sequence.