Gotham Knights Batman Family Trailer Explores the Inspiration of the Main Comic Book Characters


Gotham Knights developer WB Games Montreal and DC are releasing a new behind-the-scenes trailer, diving into comics inspired by Robin, Nightwing, Batgirl and the Red Hood. It’s no secret that these characters have a long history in DC comics, and each character has seen several versions of himself. It is often difficult to walk the line between respecting the comedic origin, satisfying the expectations of fans and nevertheless providing a unique approach.

The latest Gotham Knights trailer reveals how WB Games Montreal is handling this in the upcoming game. After all, the developer needs not only to manage these tricky elements, but also to work to ensure that what unites them — Batman — no longer exists.

In this behind-the-scenes trailer, there are several interviews about how the team approached these characters and turned them into Gotham Knights fighting, as well as a unique story about a “found family” that began as a non-cohesive group. Also, since players will be spending time with these masked characters, the team had to weave narrative elements together to portray each character as a person outside of the sign, which led to a lot of “relationships” and conflicts that push their interpersonal relationships with other characters. These characters mostly worked alone and independently of each other, and getting together is not an easy task. In general, for fans of Gotham Knights or these DC heroes in general, the new trailer offers an excellent understanding of this adaptation process.

Every Gotham Knights character has a personal story that develops throughout the game, and this trauma, grief and loss play a role in this narrative. Character design and from the point of view of combat, each character is designed based on certain languages of form: Little Red Riding Hood is blocky, tank-like and square; Batgirl is symmetrical and balanced; Robin is light and secretive; and Nightwing is agile, angular and sharp.

Indeed, it may seem that Gotham Knights pays and continues to focus heavily on its heroic set of playable characters. That’s not necessarily a bad thing. Given that their fighting abilities have been demonstrated and their relationship continues to evolve, it goes without saying that fans of these characters will largely find them recognizable upon release. However, there is definitely room to showcase more villains that will appear in Gotham Knights. So far, fans have seen the Court of Owls and their Claws, Mr. Freeze, Clay Face and Harley Quinn, but as each night the stories of these villains develop, it’s impossible not to wonder who else the players will face.

Gotham Knights is scheduled for release on October 21, 2022 for PC, PS5 and Xbox Series X/S.


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