Gotham Knights announced with trailer and gameplay video


The long-awaited new Batman game Gotham Knights has finally arrived. Two videos were shared for the game during the DC FanDome event. While the announcement of Gotham Knights is made in the first video, the eight-minute second video shows the gameplay.

Under the game, which is part of the Arkham series, is the signature of the WB Games Montreal studio. Although Rocksteady Studios launched the Arkham series, WB Games Montreal had taken the helm along with Arkham Origins, which debuted in 2013. Gotham Knights’ tips have been given by WB Games Montreal for about a year.

In the game set in Gotham, Batgirl and Robin come together and one of the enemies of Batman, Mr. He will fight against Freeze. However, it will be possible to see other villains and heroes that we have known before Batman in the game. Both Batgirl and Robin will take down their enemies by displaying their different abilities and using a variety of tools.

Gotham Knights will meet players in 2021. No exact release date has been announced for the game.


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