Gotenx is the only Dragon Ball hero who can defeat the strongest Fusion


There are several characters in the Dragon Ball universe who take advantage of mergers, such as Goten and Thranx, as they regularly become Gotenks, fighters of the Saiyan mixture, fighting bad guys. However, while they may be using merges more than anyone, including Goku and Vegeta, Gotenx is far from the strongest creature created as a result of merges, although he has one attack that would be ideal to use against one character, which is actually the most powerful Dragon Ball fusion.

Gotenks made his debut in Dragon Ball Chapter 480 by Akira Toriyama. The Gotenx form is achieved when Goten and Thranx successfully perform the Fusion Dance, which is a complex technique that requires two fighters to perfectly align their ki and then flawlessly perform every intricate dance move in this mystical technique. Like Gotenx, Thranx and Goten can simultaneously experience an incredible surge of power that neither of them could achieve on their own. This includes their ability to carry out one powerful attack capable of defeating an entire army.

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In Super Dragon Ball Heroes: Dark Demon Realm Mission! In Chapter 11 of Yoshitaki Nagayama, alternate versions of the Z Fighters have joined a kind of interdimensional police force known as the Time Patrol, and their mission is to stop the Dark Empire before they rise from their Dark Demon Realm and conquer the multiverse. In this chapter, the Time Patrol is going against the entire army of the Dark Empire, and their numbers are much smaller. However, two members of the Time Patrol are Xeno Trunk and Xeno Goten, who are adults in this story, and they quickly merge to become brand new Goten. As Gotenks, Saiyans use an attack called Super Ghost Kamikaze, which effectively creates an army of ghostly Gotenks that explode upon contact with the enemy.

In Dragon Ball Super “The Saga of the Trunks of the Future” by Akira Toriyama and Toyotarou, Goku and Vegeta confront an immortal villain named Zamasu along with an alternate version of the villain who took over Goku’s body and became an almost invincible fighter. known as Goku Black. Zamasu is a god, and after he made a wish on Super Dragon Balls, he became invincible. So, when he merged with his colleague with the power of Saiyan, two separate villains became one and at the same time claimed the title of the strongest fusion in Dragon Ball. At the end of this saga, Fusion Zamasu duplicated himself into hundreds of separate but equally powerful entities in order to kill the Z Fighters once and for all and continue his dark quest to destroy all existing mortals. Although the Z Fighters defeat Zamasa with the help of Zeno, the almighty god, they would easily die if King Omni refused to help them in their battle. However, if there were Gotenks with them during this battle, he could use the Kamikaze Super Ghost attack to at least distract Zamasa long enough to repel his attack, as this technique would temporarily damage all Zamasa at once.

Although Gotenx’s Super-Ghost Kamikaze technique is not strong enough to kill Zamasa or any of his duplicates, his contribution to this battle would have given Goku and Vegeta the time they needed to develop an attack plan if Zeno refused to eliminate the threat to them. – which would make Gotenx responsible for the ultimate victory of the Z Fighters. Thanks to his unique Super Ghost Kamikaze technique, Gotenks proves that he is the only hero (besides almighty god) who can defeat the strongest Dragon Ball fusion.