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GOT7’s Yugyeom’s Appearance Is Paired With Scary Dolls In ‘Squid Game’ Auto Laughing


The popularity of ‘Squid Game‘ seems to be fairly even in various countries, so it’s no wonder that this drama continues to be a matter of debate and discussion, but it’s different from GOT7 fans who follow the trend with humor.

The puzzles that exist in every scene of “Squid Game” continue to come up with new theories. More and more theories and reviews are being studied for this drama, indicating how successful the production team of “Squid Game” is in making a show worthy of discussion.

Although this thriller drama has a tense aura and impresses viewers, GOT7 fans Ahgases are now also discovering the similarities between their idol and the game in this drama. Recently, Ahgases showed the similarities between the GOT7 members and this drama in an unexpected way.

This comparison can be directly seen by fans of the Jackson cs group. In the first episode of “Squid Game” there seems to be a game of survival starting with the childhood favorite game “Red Light, Green Light” with a terrible ending. The giant doll of Lamer Lanjo’s daughter is described as scary.

The doll is also an icon for viewers because its body can rotate. Her look is memorable because she wears a yellow and orange dress accompanied by her hair that is tied in two ponytails typical of an innocent little girl. His job was to signal to the 456 “Squid Game” participants who competed to win prizes. This scene has become the focus of GOT7 fans and indirectly they feel like going back in time to the group’s iconic moments. It turned out that Yugyeom had appeared in a cute dress similar to the iconic doll.

Previously, Yugyeom and his group mates at that time wore cute costumes. One of them is Yugyeom who has to wear a costume as a girl complete with a long black wig.

When the two are juxtaposed, fans are successfully entertained by this hilarious theory. While others are busy debating the “Squid Game” conspiracy, GOT7 fans are making it seem like a unique joke regarding their idol.

Meanwhile, GOT7 fans also didn’t stop there to cheer each other on and enliven the “Squid Game” fever. It is known that they also edited super creative funny videos involving GOT7 members including BamBam, Jay B (JB), GOT7’s Jinyoung, Mark Tuan to Youngjae who was like the main character.



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