GOT7’s Youngjae to star in new Netflix series


Big stars from South Korea will be part of the K-Drama Hope The World Gets Ruined Tomorrow and we will tell you everything you need to know about this production.

It’s been a while since Yugyeom predicted that Youngjae would be the next rising star among the GOT7 members, but 2020 has surprised us with all the activities on this idol’s schedule where he shows off many of his talents. Soon we will see Youngjae working together with Netflix and here we tell you everything you need to know about this new production.

Netflix and JYP Entertainment have confirmed Youngjae’s participation in a new drama under the name Hope The World Gets Ruined Tomorrow, and this idol also showed his excitement for the new project during the latest Idol Radio broadcast.

Although Youngjae had participated in the Dream Knight web drama with his fellow GOT7 members, the idol referred to this Netflix series as the one in which he would debut as an actor as it was a totally different experience.

This year Youngjae also released a clothing collaboration for people and pets, became a DJ on the show Idol Radio, released covers for his fans, and performed uniquely on GOT7’s most recent album, featuring songs of his own.


The series that Netflix is ​​preparing is a situation comedy that will take us to meet a group of students in Seoul who come from various places and who bring with them traits of their own culture.

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They all meet when they start living in a university dormitory in Seoul, that’s when the fun begins for these characters who will delve into the school experience while dealing with their personal problems and venturing into love and friendship.

With his role in the sitcom, Youngjae will play a character named Sam, who is a young student and the son of the CEO of a food company.

Other stars to be cast are Park Se Wan, Shin Hyun Seung, Han Hyun Min, and (G) I-DLE’s Minnie. Wow

Are you excited to know more about this series? While we wait for more details on this production, we also told you that Jinyoung will be joining a new tvN K-Drama, find out the details about Devil Judge.


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