GOT7’s Youngjae Shares First Trailer For His Solo Album


GOT7’s Youngjae main vocalist surprised everyone with the news of his COLORS from Ars, know the details. The wait for this album will come to an end in just a few weeks, we tell you when Youngjae’s solo is released and all about the advance that the GOT7 member gave.

This year has been full of surprises for GOT7 fans, in the case of Choi Youngjae , the Mokpo-born idol was one of the first to reveal which agency he would sign a contract with for his solo career. That is how he came to Sublime Artist Company and a new adventure began.

We have seen it in vlogs, performances, photoshoots, and even a musical, but we do not lose sight of one of the most anticipated projects by the idol and AHGASE : his solo album .

This was one of the requests that fans had for many years, but now that Youngjae is in a new company it will finally come true and the excitement has not stopped manifesting on social networks.


Still, on his birthday, the singer announced that he would have a live broadcast to meet his fans, but hours before he gave the big surprise with the announcement of his solo album that will bear the name COLORS from Ars .

In addition to his personal Twitter account, he now has a new one where the details of his activities, his schedule, and upcoming projects are published, it was there that the first look at the recording material was shared.

The black and white clip shows us the idol in a room writing some notes and then starting his way out the door, at the end we see the design selected for the name of the album and other details.

COLORS From Ars will be released on October 5, the name probably refers to the fact that Youngjae will show a more personal facet where his own essence will be reflected through music since Ars is the name he uses as a composer and for solo performances.


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