GOT7’s Youngjae Debuts Fall In Love, His Second OST

After his comeback with the album “DYE” and when he managed to get a couple of wins for “Not by the moon”, GOT7 continues releasing new music.

Youngjae surprised Ahgase with a new musical performance for a K-drama, it is the second time that the idol participates in an OST and it is even more special because his partner Jinyoung is the protagonist of “When my love blooms”, we tell you the details of his new song.

In collaboration with the composer Choi Jungyoon, Youngjae stars in a pop ballad with a sweet rhythm and whose lyrics speak about the emotions caused by falling in love with that person and the special things that you experience at his side. It also expresses what that person means to you, fully capturing the college love that the protagonists of the drama experience.

Ahgase shared her messages of congratulations and support for Youngjae through social media, the fandom is happy that the idol continues these opportunities alone, as they have long hoped that Youngjae can make his solo debut and showcase great talent. vowel you own.

The success of “Fall in love” has been great after the first hours of its premiere, ranking on the Melon charts. Youngjae appreciated Ahgase’s support. Her first OST was “At the Usual Time”, for the K-drama Wok of love. Jinyoung and Youngjae continue to demonstrate their talent with this joint project.

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