GOT7’s Youngjae accused of bullying case, JYP responds


GOT7’s Youngjae receives accusations against him about a case of school bullying during his student days, JYP has already published a statement.

JYP’s K-pop group is in the process of developing their next comeback that will take place in November; However, malicious rumors against idols have affected their image. Recently, Youngjae was pointed out by a former partner, his agency already issued an official statement to clarify the situation.

In social networks, an anonymous testimony of an alleged classmate of Youngjae from GOT7 circulated, apparently, both studied at the high school in the town of Mokpo, but the user decided to reveal an alleged case of harassment against the idol, he assured that the herA member of the K-pop group carried out violent actions during that time.

After these malicious rumors became known, JYP issued a statement to ensure that they investigated the case, Youngjae was questioned by the company to tell his side of the story, until now, the accuser has not been identified, nor have they had a response from his part when they tried to contact him to resolve the situation.


According to the information published on social networks, the alleged colleague pointed out that Youngjae was responsible for intimidating, hitting others and even stealing other people’s belongings; however, JYP and Youngjae denied such allegations, although there was a misunderstanding.

Youngjae’s version revealed that if he had a conflict in the past, he even admitted that it got to the physical and they could never fix it, but the bullying rumors are totally false. After the statement of the idol of GOT7, Ahgase showed his support with the hashtag “WE LOVE YOU AN TRUST GOT7”, some believe that the accusations are fake because the group is in promotion time to release their new album.

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It is not the first time that bullying cases have arisen that unfairly involve K-pop idols, JYP assured that they never received any mail to sue Youngjae and did not receive a response from the victim.

Despite the negative news, the boys of GOT7 continue to share details about their upcoming comeback.


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