GOT7’s Mark Tuan’s birthday today


Mark Tuan is celebrating his birthday, find out everything you need to know about GOT7’s hyung. The fans and members of GOT7 are celebrating, today marks Mark’s birthday and the celebration of the idol group’s Virgo line begins. Although Mark has conquered fans in many countries, the path of this idol began to be written a long time ago, learn more about Mark Tuan and the story of how he became a K-Pop star.

Mark was born on September 4, 1993 in the city of Los Angeles, United States. He lived for a season in Brazil and Paraguay with his family, however, it is in Los Angeles that this idol spent most of his life.

While he was in high school, a representative from JYP Entertainment saw him and invited him to audition with the company. According to Mark, it all happened when he loaned his skateboard to a friend and he broke it, Mark went up to a table while amusingly telling him that he would have to pay it, but it was then that he was discovered and got an invitation to show his talents .

Mark was unfamiliar with the world of K-Pop, but he went to the audition and performed a cover of When I’m Gone, a song by famous rapper Eminem. After his performance, he received an invitation to join JYP Entertainment as a trainee.

This idol moved to Korea in 2010, where he trained for 3 1/2 years before debuting alongside GOT7 in 2014. However, before his debut, he also appeared a few times on Korean television. Tuan Yi En was part of the drama Dream High 2 with a cameo as a backup dancer, but in addition, Bambam, Jackson, Yugyeom, and Mark appeared on WIN: Who Is Next, YG Entertainment’s survival show where they showed off their talents and competed with the trainees of said company.

A rapper, singer, dancer, and martial arts expert, this latest skill has led him to gain attention since before his debut. This idol has also participated in writing some music tracks for GOT7 such as Face, GOOD, See The Light, and Higher.

Mark Tuan has a quiet personality and is usually a quiet boy, however, he has a fun and loving character that hides his role as the hyung of the K-Pop group. His colleagues in GOT7 consider him as an understanding person who is always attentive to others and with a willingness to help, as he has shown by attending all the important events of his colleagues such as graduations, individual fan meetings, supporting their clothing lines and, for course, being a loyal friend to all of them.


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