GOT7’s Mark remembers his childhood at school with these


Mark Tuan shared some images from his time as a student. Mark recently turned 10 years old when he moved to South Korea and set out on his journey chasing a new dream. Now, a few days away from another anniversary as part of JYP Entertainment, the idol also recalled some moments from his life in the United States.

Mark was born in the United States and lived with his family in Los Angeles for much of his life. Now his environment is totally different, but he fondly remembers everything he experienced during his school days.

That is why the GOT7 member shared some images with his followers, letting them know a little more about his life before being an idol.

In the two photographs that Mark published on Twitter and Instagram we see him as a young student, but with a unique personality that has accompanied him until now. While in the first image Mark looks serious and confident, the second shows his smiling, fun and athletic side.

GOT7 fans did not hesitate to point out that, from a young age, Mark already demonstrated his skills for modeling, comparing one of his old photos with the photoshoots he has had recently.

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