GOT7’s Jungkook share an adorable friendship


Friendships between idols always captivate fans, we will tell you how Yugyeom and Jungkook became close. In the world of K-Pop, no one better than other idols to understand their dreams, efforts and difficulties is always very special, that’s why some singers have become close after meeting thanks to their work environment. Jungkook and Yugyeom are some of them, we will tell you how these guys met.

Both boys have talked about their friendship on several occasions, such as when in a video for his fans, Jungkook referred to Kim Yugyeom with one of his great friends among idols and said that he looked forward to going bowling with him, you know how started your story together?


During an episode of Idol Room with GOT7, Yugyeom was asked about the celebrities he was close to and one of those mentioned was BTS’s golden maknae.

The JYP Entertainment vocalist revealed that when they had a collaboration with Bangtan Sonyeondan for MAMA, the members of both groups were able to live together, but thanks to Yugyeom and Jungkook being the same age, they were able to get along and did not hesitate to exchange phone numbers.

Since then they have kept in touch, hanging out with other idols and greet each other with encouragement whenever they meet. Do you like this friendship?

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