GOT7’s Jinyoung stars in new drama ‘When My Love Blooms’


The premiere of this drama gave us a first look at the idol’s portrayal of Jaehyun, his character in the story.

The first episode of this highly anticipated drama has recently been broadcast on the tvN signal , leaving high expectations for the upcoming episodes and showing outstanding participation from Jinyoung , vocalist of GOT7.

The drama tells the story of a romance that started 20 years ago, when a music student and a popular law student meet and start a beautiful relationship, leading them to experience first love.

As their life progresses they must separate, leaving behind all the experiences that they shared together and that have marked their hearts. But fate does its thing and takes care of reuniting them two decades later, their reunion allows them to see how much the other’s life has changed, but will their love awaken again?

To tell the story of this couple, the cast includes adult and young versions for each of the protagonists. The first episode allowed us to see the start of the romance between Jisoo and Jaehyun , who are played by actress Jeon Sonee and singer-actor Park Jinyoung , showing a tender facet of falling in love and how they deal with it before discovering that it is a mutual feeling.

When My Love Blooms will also be broadcast through Viki, so you can closely follow the development of this story and the evolution of the romance between the protagonists. Also, an OST tune for this drama is played by Youngjae , another GOT7 member who has stood out for his amazing vocal ability.


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