GOT7’s Jinyoung is shown without makeup


GOT7’s Jinyoung dazzles AhGase without makeup, the idol reunited with his fans and shared his new plans. JYP’s group is enjoying their free time while getting everything ready for their future comeback, the members have shared some updates on their social media to keep up with Ahgase, but some have been a bit absent. Jinyoung decided to meet up with Ahgase and held a live broadcast to catch up.

Through his personal Instagram account, GOT7’s Jinyoung decided to do a live broadcast, it was his first time using the platform to interact with fans, but the idol decided to appear after seeing Ahgase’s campaign on social media. The fandom shared “Where’s my idol Jinyoung?” Images.

After joking with them, the GOT7 member explained that he saw messages from his fans and therefore appeared in public again. The idol was spending time with a friend at the music studio, but clarified that it was nothing related to the group. The outfit she wore was very casual and too comfortable, showing Jinyoung’s beauty without makeup.


The GOT7 idol wore a gray sweatshirt and a black wool hat, but what surprised fans the most was his natural look, Jinyoung has grown a little beard and did not have any makeup, which highlighted His attractiveness, Ahgase shared several messages after falling in love with the singer, because his beauty is unique.

Jinyoung also shared his new plans, he is currently learning English, he even interacted in that language during his broadcast, he attends swimming lessons and presumed that he can already drink coffee, since for three months he has implemented this drink in his daily diet, on the GOT7’s plans did not elaborate.

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Jinyoung admitted to being a bit nervous, as it was his first time using Instagram for a live broadcast, but he wanted to say hi to his fans after such a long time.


Who has also surprised Ahgase is Mark Tuan, knows the most captivating moments of the idol of GOT7.


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