GOT7’s Jinyoung demonstrates his poses for Breath Love


GOT7 reveals new individual teasers starring Jinyoung, the idol showed his most aesthetic side for “Breath of love: Last Piece”.

JYP’s K-pop group is ready to take their last breath of love and find the missing piece of the puzzle to complete their trilogy with “You calling my name” and “Not by the moon”. The boys are less than a week away from releasing their first song, and Jinyoung stole Ahgase’s eyes with new photos.

Through their official social media, GOT7 revealed new previews for “Breath Of Love: Last Pïece,” a comeback that will be held on November 30. Jinyoung, the group’s main vocalist, starred in the new series of photos for the album, modeling in different concepts and showing his more aesthetic side.

The publication already registers more than 49 thousand RT and 60 thousand likes, among the main reactions to the individual teasers, Ahgase praised the make up that Jinyoung uses, as it highlights his look. Like his peers, the idol poses in front of the camera with different outfits and shades.


The first image shows Jinyoung wearing a mustard-colored sweater, you can only see his profile in the middle of blurred figures, the postcard is made up of cold shades of blue that highlight the black of his eyes.

The second is a teaser with pastel tones that gives Jinyoung an ethereal aura, who fell in love with the fans with the eyeshadow he used, as he placed a glitter make-up on his eyelids that make him look like a fantasy creature. The idol wore a shiny black jacket with chains while studying a crystal ball.

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Finally, he appears seated in a pink armchair in the middle of a mist and with a dangerous outfit consisting of a red satin jacket and a black suit, while posing in front of the camera like a model. GOT7 will release “Breath” on November 23, while the full album will be released on November 30.

The boys of GOT7 were inspired by love for their new comeback, although they have also faced other emotions such as fear, know the phobias that idols have.


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