GOT7’s Jaebeom Shares Rare And Fun Photos


GOT7’s Jaebeom Shares Rare And Fun Photos. Check out these fun photos and videos that the idol shared on their social networks.

The GOT7 leader has updated his Instagram account and his posts are leaving AhGaSe with many questions .

Jaebeom recently published a post with a very funny filter on his Instagram account,, which accumulates more than 3 million followers, the photo has more than 300 thousand likes and thousands of comments.

In his second Instagram account , where he has more than 155 thousand followers, @def.cnvs also uploaded a photo with another filter , between orange and blue colors, which has more than 47 thousand likes and, with a description, he put the planet’s emoji Earth.

Just this week the guys from GOT7 were very active on their social networks, as they made some LIVES to talk a little with their fans and spend a pleasant time with them, they did this dynamic in their homes or the music studio due to the contingency due to the Coronavirus .

Some fans have been waiting to see Jaebeom with his long hair, but with these photos he seems to be playing with his feelings, others also say that he uploaded these images because he could not LIVE .

Jaebeom shared this photo and this video in his stories:

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