GOT7’s Jackson Wang Shows How Much Loves His Fans


Social media allowed Jackson Wang to reconnect with GOT7 fans, and the rapper showed how much he misses meeting them.

It has been several months since GOT7’s last comeback, and although the group members continued with their individual activities, it is still not possible for them to meet their fans again. That’s why Jackson Wang decided to reconnect with his fans with a live broadcast where he left them a very special message.

This happened from the Instagram account of the Hong Kong-born idol, where he was seen wearing a black shirt and enjoying tomato juice. The GOT7 member explained that he had that drink because he is trying to lose weight, however, he pointed out that it will be just a little bit so fans don’t have to worry.

Jackson also announced that it would be a short live because he was about to start with a shooting, however, he avoided commenting on what it was about and said that it was not a new project, but fans began to suspect that maybe it is something for GOT7’s upcoming comeback!


The JYP Entertainment rapper took advantage of this occasion to send his followers well wishes and let them know how much he loves them, but especially, he asked them to try to keep well in these difficult times.

I just wanted to make sure everything was okay and I hope you guys are okay because I love you so much so much…

In addition, the GOT7 member commented that he is looking forward to everything returning to normal so that he can reconnect with all his fans around the world and share incredible moments.

I want you to stay safe, to take care of yourself. I miss you and love you very much. I can’t wait for everything to end.

Another GOT7 member who recently made a live broadcast for his fans was Jinyoung, the vocalist was shown without makeup and his look captive to the AHGASEs.


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