GOT7’s Jackson shows off his charm during Breath of Love


Jackson Wang’s photos captivated GOT7 fans, his new look received incredible comments in anticipation of Breath Of Love: Last Piece.

The JYP Entertainment group is getting ready for the release of a new album material, GOT7 fans have received new images and tracks daily that increase the excitement before the ever closer premiere, this time it was Jackson who showed his charming image in the teasers for the comeback.

Breath Of Love: Last Piece will be the group’s fourth full album and will also include a song written by each of the members, which has increased AHGASE’s excitement.

The teasers are another reason to look forward to the album release, after showing three different looks for the idols in the group photos, individual images began to be revealed.


After learning about JB and Mark’s teasers, the time has come to find out what look Jackson Wang will be wearing during this comeback. The set of photos shows us the rapper’s light hair with a very subtle metallic pink tone, as well as three outfits with a different aura.

The first image has cool tones and Jackson wears a gray jacket as he turns to the camera behind him. The second image is set with lights in pink and purple, adding a touch of magic to the photograph of Jackson holding a piece of glass.

Finally, the third image lets us see the idol sitting on a sofa covered with white cloth. He wears a long shirt and one more with a velvet texture, revealing the muscles of his torso.

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